• Gel Nails (75 min)$85
    New set with extension
  • Gel Refill (60 min)$55
  • Ad Nail Art (under gel) (25 min)$10
  • Add French Line (15 min)$10
  • Nail Repair (20 min)$10
  • Gel Extension Removal (20 min)$30
  • Express Manicure (45 min)$35
    Shape nails, soak in herbal bath, cuticle cutting, application of cuticle oil and lotion, nail polish application
  • Spa Manicure (60 min)$45
    The same steps as express manicure + exfoliation mask and relaxation hand massage
  • Express Pedicure (45 min)$40
    Shape nails, soak in herbal bath, cuticle cutting, removing calluses, application of cuticle oil and lotion, nail polish application
  • Spa Pedicure (60 min)$50
    The same steps as express pedicure + exfoliation, relaxation feet massage, using special machine with tools for remove calluses properly and make your toes look perfect
  • Express Manicure + Express Pedicure (70 min)$65
  • Spa Manicure + Spa Pedicure (90 min)$75
  • Add Gel Nail Polish (15 min)$15
  • Nail Polish Change (15 min)$20
  • Remove Gel Nail Polish(shellac) (15 min)$15

Hand and foot health is important. Our treatments are designed to promote good health and well being. At Vancouver Green Spa we perform an analysis of each hand and foot and offer recommendations for care as needed. We have chosen the best products to assist us with your care and health.

Regular manicure and pedicure will enhance the health of your fingernails and toenails, promoting faster growth and maintaining well moisturized cuticles.

During the regular manicure your nails will be cleaned and shaped, your cuticles will be treated which is vital for keeping your nails healthy and strong.

During a spa manicure your hands will be exfoliated to remove dead skin cells and to improve circulation and stimulate blood flow.

We have a variety of nail polish colors to make you happy and give you a spring mood! Nothing looks better than clear well-maintained fingernails and freshly painted toenails!

Not only will having a manicure make your nails and hands look good, it also very relaxing with special hand massage or paraffin treatment!

Pedicures are similar to manicures except they are specially designed for feet. During a pedicure your nail will be cleaned, shaped and trimmed to prevent ingrown nails.